Menchaca's Expansion Of Alta California

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203 words

In chapter five, Menchaca examined Spanish Empire's expansion into California and identifies the indigenous groups, such as the Chumash and various other native Californian tribes. Many native tribes became incorporated into Spanish society through the mission system. The journey to Alta California was not a simple and easy as the Spanish first thought. Many Spaniards died from illness, encountered hostile native tribes, and hunger as they were trying to colonize California. The Spanish wanted to control California to prevent other groups of people such as the British and Russians from acquiring California. The Spanish made their way into California after many struggles and established the first missions in San Diego and Monterey. Over several

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how menchaca examined the spanish empire's expansion into california and identifies the indigenous groups, such as the chumash and various other native californian tribes.
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