Menace II Society: Catching Up With You

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At the outset, during one cloudless afternoon in South Central, Los Angeles, a five-year-old juvenile by the forename of Anthony, cycles his training wheel down the pavement of the road while he unwearyingly waits for his mother Ronnie and her boyfriend Caine to finish transporting their properties to the van for their perpetual relocation to the metropolitan city of Atlanta, Georgia. As the adolescent voyages further on down the pathway, a green Pontiac LeMans Sedan comprised of four men with black masks obscuring their discrete identities, deliberately cruise alongside the curb contiguous to the last house on the street. As the four men approach the residence of Anthony and his mother Ronnie, one of the vehicle’s passengers bellows out the phrase, “Yo, what’s up now partner,” and immediately begins to discharge massive gunfire from his Beretta 92F (MIIS). An immense array of blasts erupts at the residence.
Caine’s childhood friend Sharif, who was assisting them in the moving procedure, shot, tumbles onto the lawn instantaneously. Caine’s best friend O-Dog begins to reciprocate by firing shots back at his adversaries in the green Pontiac LeMans Sedan. Caine scuttles upon the ground to superpose Anthony from the gunfire, but the bullets incessantly penetrated into his upper torso. Caine finally grasped ahold to Anthony and enfolded him. The driver of the vehicle accelerates compellingly, and the suspects vanished from the crime scene. As the motorist speeds off, the climate is filled with a veneer of silence, and Anthony’s training wheels ceaselessly gyrate in an inverse position in the road. Appalled, O-Dog ganders around the yard to cross-examine the dysfunctional body of Sharif and that of his best friend Caine, to ...

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