Men Work Harder Than Women Essay

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Are you a woman? Do you work? Or if you are a man do you know a woman that is special to you that works, like your mother, grandmother, aunt or significant other. Would you like it if they were not getting treated or paid the same as a male worker doing the exact same job? Men got treated better than women and were paid more than them until the Equal Pay Act of 1963. There is a reasonable explanation as to why though. It was mostly because they thought men worked harder, that women were typically the primary caregiver of their family, and that men dominated the workforce. Many employers thought men worked harder than women. So they thought that they should pay the man more because he is working harder. One of the reasons why they…show more content…
Fathers taught their sons how to work on cars and around the yard so that being a hard worker would be instilled in them when they had a family of their own. “Men work on average more than six hours a week longer than women do and sometimes more”. It was also stated that men get paid more than women because “men are more motivated by money than women are”.1 They said that men are also not afraid to get their hands dirty and are more brave than women, but to some people gardening and cleaning, a job that most women do, is a job that you have to get your hands dirty in too. Most women work harder than men and sixty-four percent of people agreed.2 The reason men seemed to be working harder was because most of the women who were in the workforce were working just to work. Most women had husbands that provided for their every need financially so they just worked because they were bored at home…show more content…
It might seem unfair to some, but there was a reason for it all. Men were harder works than women because they had to be. Women were the primary caregivers of the family so they had no time to work. All of this led to men dominating the workforce, which were the main reasons men got paid more than women. Women felt that it was unfair that they got paid less than a man which it was but there were many reason as to why they did. It was not just an all of a sudden thing when employers had a meeting and said we are going to paid women less than men just because. It was an reasonable explanation for it all. But most listened to the explanation and reasoning and still felt that it was unfair. Which is why the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was written. Nowadays if you paid women less than men it would seem unfair. But back then you rarely saw women in the workforce which is one of the many reasons they did that. In today’s society all of women and outperform a man’s task and can sometimes do it even better. Women and evolving for the better and I think that it was a good idea that the Equal Pay act of 1963 was introduce to the world even though today some employers still tend to pay women less than men. But nowadays it is like taboo to tell another co-worker how much you make. Mostly because if you tell them how much you make you will either be made that they are making more than you or if you are making more they will
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