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The company I have chosen to represent is a cologne company for men called Men in Black. Men in Black is a cologne in which it will appeal to the men eighteen years and older. I chose this name because I wanted the name of this cologne to appeal to the classy but yet casual professional man. Therefore, the name Men in Black was best suited for this cologne and the look I personally wanted my company to represent. I picked cologne because I believe that every man should have an everyday type of smell that catches the attention of many without being overbearing that could last throughout the day without fading away, and always smell just as if the cologne has just been applied. My company focuses on providing men the opportunity to reach to others…show more content…
For example, the college male wants to smell good to appeal to fellow students, during internships etc. The workforce male wants to have a cologne fragrance to prepare him to tackle everyday work tasks and the active duty male may want to wear this fragrance during free time on the weekends. Men in Black provides the masculine smell that is classy but yet professional. This cologne is especially good for the older crowds who enjoys mingling on the weekends and keep it professional during the week. Men in Black strategic market plan are precise in catering to the young and the young at heart males. Even though the Men in Black company is not a non-profit company, there are social goals at the center of the company’s mission which is to believe in uplifting males to feel more confident in themselves. Men in Black Cologne Company is committed to building the confidence of men, and helping men to establish an identity. Therefore, Men in Black 's business model core is built around the uplifting of men all around the world whether it’s financial, health or

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