Memorization is Not Needed with the Internet

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One of the most important realizations I have made during my educational journey is the knowledge that I cannot memorize all content. Due to this fact, having easy access to resources as needed is of great benefit. Knowing that there are varied and complex issues in the Ethics of Health Care, below are seven websites to use as a reference:

The World Health Organization (WHO) ( is an important website because it provides data and statistics on topics that matter not only to public health of United States citizens, but to the health of the entire world. The website is robust with “fact sheets” that provide high level information supported with data. In addition, there is information for the many publications and programs offered by the WHO. Furthermore, there is information regarding bioethics topics including research, epidemics, long-term care, and organ/tissue transplantation. This website would be important for a health care administrator to review on a routine basis because the health care issues of the world will no doubt affect the community in which you provide health care services.

The Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Healthcare ( has a focus on the individual and providing them with the tools needed to navigate complex ethical health care issues such as spirituality, family dynamics, and symptom management. I particularly liked the “Healthcare Resources” tab which lists organizations with a pulse on the topics and issues of today. This website is important to the health care administrator because it focuses on how to meet the needs of the individual.

American Medical Association (AMA) (

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... reminding health care administrators of their duties and responsibilities to patients, the organizations, and the communities in which they serve. The website also features a printable “Ethics Toolkit” that outlines the steps one should taken when navigating difficult decisions. The website is ideal for the health care administrator that wants to stay connected to their peers via networking.

The Hastings Center is a research based organization dedicated to bioethics. The websites features publications and articles relevant to the ethical issues of today in the arena of clinical trials involving human subjects. Not every organization is equipped to conduct clinical trials, but an astute health care administrator should stay up to date on the advancements made in medicine to better serve his or her patient population.
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