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College as a Monumental Moment
Through life there are good, bad, pleasant, horrible and magnificent moments. However, there are special situations that deserve to be notable because of its important influence and support. For instance, starting college is a critical decision for first generation students. Nonetheless, the mentality of students, expectations of loved ones and the beliefs of community are pivotal contributors to a monumental path.
Not everyone, but many college students are in college because they want to change their futures while they contribute to an important moment in their lives. When a person becomes a part of an educational program, this person already has a goal to accomplish while being involved. For instance, some
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Constantly, people classify education as a step to becoming a smart person from one day to the next. However, education takes more than simply time, and the opinion of society for positive or negative gives students an impulse to work harder on their careers. Plenty times people let their minds fill with stereotypes based on race or gender that eventually help students become better persons than they were before. Additionally, the society expects college students to contribute back to their community when they graduate. People expect students to improve and take interest in their cultures because they know that young people are aware about the youth problems that complicate the lives of mature people. One of their expectations is to take some of their community experiences and return help by serving others. Community opinions are a great input to an important moment of the life of a college student.
Each person is a different culture and so each person has something memorable to celebrate. Some people may have celebrated when they received their first payment check, when they got their first new car, when they got married, or even when they became parents. There are millions of experiences that can make life situations monumental moments, like when a person decides to attend college as a first generation student knowing that it is going to be challenging, but with the pivotal contributors, it would become a monumental moment in their whole life not only for one person but for
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