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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a meme is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Memes create a way for people to interact without necessarily interacting, primarily because there is a common theme between people. Thus providing a means of communication and connection. For example, dancers connect online through the common understanding of how difficult it is to seem effortless. In general they enjoy making sure that no one mistakes their talent as a simplistic art form. Therefore the usage of memes allow dancers online to communicate or simply enjoy laughing at their common struggles. Memes develop their appeal through their ability to convey ideas, themes, as well as practices…show more content…
Memes are a method of announcing information to the public in a humorous way. They encourage satire as a way to promote changing perspective. Satires are intended to criticize topic dismissed as unintelligent in order to induce change. Thus, memes create a desire for change in an innocuous manner. The satirical meme, illustrates how the creator of the meme believes the world should work. This idea becomes effective because the use of visual and textual satire at once provides a means of satire. So, even if the text on the image is serious, the image used to present the text lightens the hostility of what the creator intends to say trough the meme. With the concept of hostility eliminated from the idea presented, the viewers has a higher ability to comprehend the text in a civil manner. Similar to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” memes use anonymity to reach their intended audience as well. The anonymity of who created a specific meme allow the audience to relate to the topic of the meme, opposed to the creator of the meme. “A Modest Proposal” provided witty humor in its satire, just as memes…show more content…
Pathos has an important role in the effectiveness of memes. Pathos relates to viewers on an emotional level, which grasp the interest of the audience relatively quickly. There is a sense of understanding in the pathos appeal in memes. Thus, a meme that triggers a pathos appeal is more likely to be spread because it is relatable. Memes can be universal, thus they have become a major source of entertainment. Generally speaking, people may be able to pick up the general message of a meme. For example the “Condescending Wonka” is known for its sarcasm, the structure of the meme typically asks a question, then responds to it in a condescending manner. Therefore if someone other than the intended audience views the meme, they will get the general concept. In the example I used, someone may not understand the insignificance of dancing twice a week, however they may understand that dancing twice a week is not enough to label yourself as a “devoted dancer.” That specific meme appeals to pathos, it triggers an understanding that creates frustration in how loosely the term “dancer” is used. Memes that provide satire, are similar to Bill Lumbergh address a serious topic, while adding comic relief, in this case the comic relief is in the image as well as the line tagged “that’d be great.” As a result, someone may view the meme and understand that the creator of the meme disagrees with comparing Black civil

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