Memento Written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan

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I most definitely agree that non-linear narrative have deeply influence how subjects are presented and percieved in visual culture. In order to suppost this statement, I have chosen two films as examples; Memento written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan also being the director. (2000) and 500 Days Of Summer written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, directed by Marc Webb, (2009).
Experimentation with non-linear structure in film dates back to the silent film era, including D. W. Griffith's Intolerance (1916) and Abel Gance's Napoléon (1927) [Debruge, Peter (December 7, 2007). "More scripts take nonlinear route". Variety. Retrieved on February 3, 2008.] Non-linear narrative is an interesting and an effective way of storytelling in filmaking. Re-arranging and deconstructing sequences affects the way the story progresses and also it's characters. Filmmakers who decide to introduce a non-linear narrative in their work, have the ability to adapt a films plot in order to produce a new beginning, middle and end. There are various techniques which are commonly used in a non-linear narrative to create states of confusion like, for example, the use of flashbacks, hallucinations, memory loss, amnesia, dream states, memories and the collision between fiction and reality. Fabula and syuzhet are also employed in narratology, they describe narrative construction. The fabula is "the raw material of a story, and syuzhet, the way a story is organized." 1 [Cobley, Paul. "Narratology." The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, Web.] Hence, the fabula is the chronological way that the story happened whereas, the syuzhet is the way it was unraveled in the film, ...

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...ilm plots, however, putting film sequences out of order makes the film much more interesting and unforgettable. The audience have to think much more and try to figure out the story of the film. They have to endure some confusion and be unclear or certain things during the duration of the film.
Non-linear narrative is an unconventional way of storytelling in film and now a contemporary style of filmmaking. It provides infinite possibilities with structures that can use various time and space for the director. It deeply engages the viewer and gives them the task to interpret the movie through their individual way of thinking which is both tricky and enjoyable. The audience is almost put in a time-travel machine as they go on a journey through the serious of captivating non-choronological events. Non-linear narratives are definitely a feature of postmodern filmmaking.
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