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A meme is an amusing image, video, phrase, text, etc. that is copied and spread rapidly through social networking. Memes are normally created to gain popularity and/ or to build hype among peers. Memes are officially one of the hottest new trends in the world of social networking today. They work wonders by engaging into our minds. For example, I use the Twitter app daily, twitter is full of meme’s. It’s where I get my gossip from, political news and jokes and everything else. In a world that revolves around social networking, as it gets closer and closer to the time of re-election, people began to create memes or advertisements to influence and make jokes about your voting decisions. Anybody in the world could make a meme, post it and it…show more content…
Memes are beginning to be everybody’s first source for information, this is not always the best way to go. Memes about Donald Trump allow everyone to form their own opinion on him as a human being and as potential president of the United States. Within a few seconds this meme conveys what type of person Donald Trump is and why you should or shouldn’t vote him to be president of the United States. To capture the audience 's attention, the illustrator of this meme used big, white bold letters and took up the whole space with a picture of Donald Trump. The target audience for this meme is mainly for anyone voting in the 2016-2017 presidential election. At the very bottom of the meme in all capital letters the illustrator of the meme wrote “THE PERFECT REPUBLICAN”. If you are a democratic or just someone voting for a different republic this is sure to catch your attention, overall, this is the illustrators goal. The illustrator of this meme chose to use a picture of Donald Trump with a sarcastic smirk on his face to assure the viewers that Donald Trump is not “The Perfect Republican”. Meme’s like the following main focus is to motivate people who are for and even against Donald Trump, therefore, everybody can get more involved with his campaign by paying more attention to his campaign and see what he’s really
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