Melvin Archie Research Paper

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Melvin Archie Jr. was born on 05/13/1948, in Canton, Mississippi, to Melvin and Lillie Mae Archie. Melvin's parents were married for twenty years before they divorced. Melvin and Lillie Mae had 2 children together. They are Melvin Archie Jr, age 67 and lives in St. Louis, Missouri and Nancy Archie, who passed away in 1994 of throat cancer, she was 44 years old. Melvin has 3 paternal half-brothers but he doesn't have a relationship with them other than limited Facebook contact. He attributes this to the large age gap. He stated that they live in Centralia, Illinois. Both of Melvin's parents worked outside of the home. His father was an oiler repairman for Missouri Portland Cement Company and his mother was a cook at a family owned restaurant…show more content…
Melvin's father was considered the leader of the home and his parents share the disciplinarian role. Typical disciplinary methods included corporal punishment, scolding, grounding and time out. Melvin described his childhood as active. He was active in many sports, played and traveled in the marching band, and was in scouts. Melvin recalled many fond memories of his childhood such as playing the trumpet in a completive band as well as making the tennis, baseball and basketball teams. Melvin also described some bad memories of his childhood such as, being hospitalized for pneumonia at the age of 6, getting hit by a car while riding a go-cart and was unconscious and had to stay overnight in the hospital at the age of 8 and when he was ten years old, his puppy crossed the street to be with Melvin and the puppy got hit by a car and…show more content…
The family expenesise are the same as listed above. Melvin plans on keeping the medical care once the adoption is finalized. Melvin is approximately 5'11" tall and is overweight. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Melvin's hobbies include playing the trumpet, golfing and playing tennis. He also loves listening to music, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, playing chess and other board games. Melvin feels that people in the community would describe him as helpful and caring. Melvin attends church regularly. He attends a Non-Denominational church in St. Louis. Melvin denies any mental health or substance abuse issues. Melvin has been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and obesity. He does take medication to address these symptoms. He takes Metformin HCL 850 mg, 1 time a day, Losartan-HCTZ 100 25 mg, 1 time a day, Pravastatin Sodium 40 mg, 1 time a day, Ranitidine 300 mg, 1 time daily, Indomethacin 25 mg, 1 time daily, Potassium CL ER 10 mg, 1 time daily, Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg, 1 time daily, Fluticasone Prop 50 mcg spray, 2 times daily, and Mupirocin 2% cream, 1 time
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