Melbourne Airport Travel Modes: Present And Future

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Travel modes: Present and Future  Melbourne airport is plan for up to 64 million passengers per annum (Based on master plan estimation). Access to the airport is currently limited to road-based public and private transport. Demand levels at peak times result in congestion and queues on some roads leading to the Terminal Precinct.  Travel demand modeling shows that passenger numbers will increase to approximately 64.37 million per year by 2033. To support this growth, the airport requires a multi-modal ground transport system that can meet the requirements of a 21st century capital city airport, underpinned by 24 hours a day, seven days a week access, efficiency, safety, sustainability, customer choice and value for money.  Not just passengers who have to get to and from the airport more efficiently. More than 14,300 people work in airport-related jobs and the number is expected to grow to 23,000 by 2033.  Melbourne airport provide access for public transport, shuttles, taxis, freight, aviation support vehicles, emergency services and private vehicles.  Current travel modes: Pr...

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