Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

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Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ Many Americans flocked to see Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” On over 2.000 screens across America the viewed the “harrowing depiction of Jesus' last 12 hours in wide-screen vivid color.” (Allen 2004) People viewed images of Jesus being flogged, crucified and left to die. This violence caused some Christians discomfort with theology, and some Jews’ fear that it will “incite violence against them because of its portrayal of Jews’ involvement in Jesus’ death.” (Allen 2004) Despite all of these factors, people embraced the idea behind the movie. Church members even used the movie for evangelizing. Rev. Glenn Barth of the Minneapolis office of Mission America, said, “Any time the cross of Christ becomes the topic of conversation around water coolers, it’s a real opportunity for the church to get its message across.” (Allen 2004) Sacred Realms points out that “The cross, (is) a common religious symbol with which virtually everyone is familiar.” (xii) People are going to have the opportunity to find a community, to share stories and relate with one another through the discussion generated by “The Passion of the Christ.” In a sense, this movie may even be viewed as a way to get the social-glue flowing. Gibson risked a lot to produce this movie, and has been one of the first major stars to be open with his faith. Although this movie will allow people to view the story of Christ, many mainline Christian groups are urging caution to those who see it. “The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's (ELCA) Jewish-Christian dialogue committee issued a statement, saying, in part, ‘We can expect that Mr. Gibson's project will shape or reshape understandings of this... ... middle of paper ... ...) it is a valid point that maybe there should be more about the Resurrection at the end of the film. However, viewers of the Christian faith will know this, and those who are not may be curious and question the story for themselves. Although people renting out the theatres on Ash Wednesday will be made up of mostly Christians, it is always good for people to view the story and to reexamine what they know. The movie may also reach a few people who are curious about the story and want to know more. The most important thing is that “The Passion of Christ” makes everyone aware of a story that happened long ago but is still important today. Bibliography Allen, Martha. (2004, February 15). ‘Passion of the Christ’ rouses faithful, worries others. Star Tribune, p. 1. Garber, J., McGee, Jon., & Warms, R. (2004). Sacred Realms. Oxford University Press.

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