Megan Twohey's Article: How Can Domestic Violence? By Megan Twohey

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In the article “How can domestic abuse be stopped?” by Megan Twohey, the author examines the ways in which individuals experience grief along with hardships and how they can affect a person mentally which in turn leads to instability physically and emotionally. According to Megan Twohey, “ Research shows many abusers suffer from psychological problems and substance abuse” (Twohey 1). In other words, physical abuse usually occurs when one suffers from a psychological problem which may be caused by many things such as losing friends, hardships faced during and after war, or even growing up in a place that has a negative influence on a individual. Additionally, Megan Twohey claims that “substance abuse counseling and other forms of therapy have…show more content…
His condition doesn’t allow him to rise and overcome physical and mental obstacles because what he has cannot be fully treated. Although, he does come to learn that he has changed and he is not acting like a normal human being. When he first discusses what happened to him and what is actually going through his mind he believes “[He] is scared. [He] [is] going out of [his] mind. It’s not about [Avis]. It’s not about what [she] did or didn’t do. Because [she] can’t imagine. What it’s like or what [he] had to do there” (McBride 194). Nate comes to full realization that he isn’t in his right state of mind. He is trying to make things right by saying Avis and others don’t know what it’s like going to war and the hardships and grief that come along with it. No one understands what he is going through from where he is from and not having any family members that can relate. He can’t stop what’s happening to him. Therefore, when Nate goes through a stretch in the novel where he stops his domestic abuse, he returns to it as he breaks as an individual with recurring symptoms of PTSD. In the novel, when Avis went to visit Nate and check up on things she noticed that something was wrong and saw Lauren whose “nose had been bleeding, her left eye was swollen shut...she had been crying” (McBride 289). Nate still wasn’t able to overcome the effects of PTSD which based upon the article is normal and very common. PTSD is very hard on individuals and is rarely overcome. It something that stays forever and at best can lessen overtime. Nate knows he is struggling but there is very little he can do. Only one who suffers from PTSD can understand what Nate is going through and in his case he was surrounded by people who all saw the world as a glorious place and weren’t exposed to nearly as many as hardships that Nate encountered in the Middle East. He wants to overcome his struggles and

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