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Introduction Stress occurs when the situation exceeds the person’s ability to cope with a situation, however stress is an individual appraisal based on their values, beliefs, and goals (Folkman, 2010). Therefore to understand the aspect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), we have to good understand of the individual perspective of this phenomenon, and how it affects the people around that individual. Wounded warriors who developed PTSD are usually with a multifaceted problem. PTSD is a very complex disorder which may consist of sensory, motor, neuroendocrine, cognitive, characterological, and identity disturbances from Brende & McCann’s diary (as cited in Fairbank and Nicholson, 1987). The majority of wounded warriors’ disabilities are linked to loss of limb or limbs during combat. Consequently providing therapy for PTSD sufferers would require therapists not just to deal with psychological effects of physical injuries, but also require therapists to deal with its effects on the cognitive abilities and social-emotional life. Therefore it is important that we learn all the aspects of PTSD as it relates to combat veterans to be able to help them cope this form of stress. Separate quantitative studies have been conducted on the diagnosis of PTSD (Lyons and Keane, 1992), its activation in response to stimuli (Liberzon et al., 1999), the increased blood flow to the brain during flashback episodes of PTSD (Osuch et al., 2001), cerebral functional connectivity associated with memory (Shaw et al., 2001), sleep disruption among combat veterans (Capaldi et al., 2011), and the negative effects sleep deprivation on health in PTSD sufferers (Benham, 2010). Although these studies provide empirical data and background on the natu... ... middle of paper ... ...questions. By utilizing videotapes during observations and interviews will ensure reliability of information and data collected. This study plan is elaborated is a way that it minimizes validity issues. For that we will examine data through triangulation and members checking. The interviews conducted on family members and therapists will serve as triangulation process. Then at conclusion of this study, I will utilize an external auditor to objectively assess the study. There are couple ethical considerations for this study. This study will use only adults for the interviews, and because of the sensitive nature of PTSD participants will be used only consent has been signed, the study will not dehumanize the wounded warriors suffering from PTSD. All family members would be interview up receipt of the wounded warriors permission and the family members’ consent.

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