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To be competent in the field of expertise, a therapist has to be able to master specific skills. However those skills developed over an extended period of time. To master those skills, one must first be able to learn them, then recognize and know them, and finally apply them. Just like any skills these need to be practice often. Effective practitioner has to put in effort and time to know the tools of his or her craft. In this case, microskills are most important tools for a therapist (Ivey, Ivey, and Zalaquett, 2014). And some times, to become proficient with certain skills, one have to first observe more experienced practitioner perform to be able to understand how those microskills are used in a therapy session. For the purpose of this writing, considering the given video (Laureate Education, 2011) with three therapy sessions, I will describe the effective usage and application of four microskills consisting of paraphrasing, active listening, reframing, and reflection as portrayed on the video.

Video Therapy Sessions

The video covers three therapy sessions. On first session, the video depicts a first therapy session, where the therapist was referred to the father because he feels that her daughter is having alcohol problems. In this therapy session the father, the mother and the daughter are all involved, and the therapist is trying to help the family with the problem that the father brought fourth. The second case, involves a gay couple seeking reconciliation with their relationship problem that they are having. In this therapy session, the therapist is trying to help the clients to find a resolution to the problems that they are experiencing in their relationship. As for the third case, in this ther...

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...resent, and future.


In conclusion, microskills are invaluable tools for any therapist. Therefore is important that therapists develop those skills to be able to optimally help their clients. To develop those skills, one first has to learn them, know what they are, and be able to adequately apply them during therapy session. Therapist also have to keep in mind that this skills takes time to develop, and in observing experience practitioner applying those still can provide therapist with the background needed to start using those skills. To review the cases depicted on the video, I considered four microskills, paraphrasing, active listening, reframing, and reflection. They all enable therapist and the client to enter into a collaborative relationship to explore the clients’ main issues and find suitable ways to help client in his or her future goals.
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