Megamart Corporation Case Study

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1) When considering the business environments, I believe the technological environment to have the greatest impact on most businesses today. Modern communication tools allow for constant connectivity of employees, able to further enhance their productivity and availability. We’ve already seen shifts due to technological advances in the unemployment rate as “workers are so productive that fewer are needed” (Nickels, 14). These advances will continue to push businesses to adapt and will cause further shifts in the types of jobs available to modern society as well as how companies will hire. As our text notes “in the years since the recession of 2007-2009, freelancers have become more important to the business world than ever before” (Nickels,…show more content…
Our textbook defines corporate social responsibility as “a business's concern for the welfare of society” (Nickels, 102) and that it “goes well beyond being ethical. It is based on a commitment to integrity, fairness, and respect” (102). By performing a social audit they can evaluate whether or not their policies and actions are actually providing the support they’re attempting to…show more content…
They’ll want to ensure their donations are going to the right charities and they are doing as much as they feel is appropriate. They’ll also want to look to their various social initiatives. Are they offering aid that is “directly related to the company’s competencies” (Nickels, 104)? They’ll also want to review their own corporate policies. Are they hiring employees in a fair manner? Do they provide a safe workspace for their employees and their customers? Are they reducing their carbon emissions and being energy efficient throughout their Megamarts? Are they giving time to their employees to volunteer and assist their communities? If the answer to any of those questions are no, they can take action to adjust their policies to move themselves back towards their goals of being socially

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