Mega Sports Events and Its Effects on the Cities

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Mega events are short-lived collective-usually cultural-actions that have long-lived pre- and post-event social dimensions, impacts and effects, which include world expos, Live Aid concerts, Earth Summits, Olympic Games, World Cups, bring together various signifiers of an emergent global order (Roche, 2003). Mega events such as the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup are also known as mega sport events. Mega sport events are seen to have the ability to produce a wide range of significant economic and social benefits for communities and regions, which they could help increase the opportunities for new expenditure within a host region by attracting visitors to the region (Getz, 1994).
For host cities, the mega sport events bring them opportunity to advertise themselves globally, leverage business opportunities in new investment, on-sell event management knowledge, enhance the tourist industry of the host country, and boost citizen morale and pride, which are factors that can motivate both corporate involvement and public support (Barney, Wenn, & Martyn, 2002). Besides providing opportuni...

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