Meg Whitman Case Study

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Meg Whitman give up the comfort of working for someone else and taking home a nice salary and fringe benefits for the stress of running a new kind of business that may or may not succeed because she has the guts to take the risks and challenge. Of course that Meg Whitman was confident in her new job. If you are managing a business in a company, it definitely has a lot of risks will affect your business. Meg Whitman has the ability to manage her job and takes the risks. For the example, she went to a new environment and accepted a challenge that are not guaranteed to achieve success. Risk is a negative occurrence that will affect the company’s ability to improve profit. It will cause threat of loss ,damage, liability and many of negative…show more content…
She additionally figured out how to make exits procedures for awful circumstances and how to boost the great ones. Meg Whitman able to control the risks because she had the experiences from her old business and aim to minimize the severity of loses from her business. She always considered the past history in her business .For the example, when she made a mistake in her business, she spend hours and hours to make sure she didn’t happen again. Actually she had a successful career in her business job and having a stable revenue. She took a long time to decide her future in eBay and her job. I think she worried about that she will fail in her new job in eBay by she still takes the risks by managing the…show more content…
This is one of the factors that makes Meg Whitman to accept the offer from eBay. This incident showed that she has a good decision making skills. As a successful businessman, she had a good decision making skills by making any choices or decision that will get the benefits by everyone in a company such as eBay .She has the ability to define any problem in her business and selected the best choices or made a good decision. She always want to select the best ways to solve the problem and make sure that the company will get the benefits. She was confident in the decision that she makes. Besides that, She wanted to challenge herself .As a businessman, she can wager that every day will be loaded with new chances to test herself and scholarly something new. Whether its something about taxes, about accounting, or other things. She constantly intrigued by the parts and bits of information that she adapted consistently to keep her business on track. She felt there was no challenge in her old job so she decided to change a new environment by changing her new job and aim to achieve success. Morever, eBay as offered her a high salary job. I think the reason why she choosed eBay because she wanted to earn more money to carry her two children. I think she wanted to make more money to live in a comfortable life with her two children. She wanted to increase her profit

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