Meeting Planners And Meeting Planning

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The job title, Meeting Planner is something that you do not see much even today. Meeting planners plan spectacular meetings for large corporations throughout the world. Most people do not hold this profession in high esteem; they thing meeting planners are just over-paid party planners. However, they are not. The main goal of meeting planners is to help the company grow by inspiring and enlightening both the individual employees and the organization as a whole. The goal of meeting planners in to provide meetings with purpose; that purpose is almost always team building through education and engagement. Today, meeting planning is still a relatively new profession, just like the idea of team work. Team work really did have an impact on society until the 1970s, but today it is the only way to accomplish complex tasks. Furthermore, the effectiveness of today’s teams is starting to improve as teams become high functioning. Consequently, high functioning teams are difficult to build, so it requires implementing standards of team building. Once the teams are built, it is the job of meeting planners to create entertaining and engaging programs to improve the bottom line of an organization, by making their high functioning teams profitable. Before the industrial revolution in the late 1800’s the majority of America’s work force was made up of farmers or individual tradesmen. There were few large corporations who employed masses of employees. The industrial revolution changed all that; Daniel Levi the author of Group Dynamics for Teams cites another author in his text about the shift in teamwork during the industrial revolution. “The Industrial Revolution shifted most work organizations to a hierarchical approach that used scien... ... middle of paper ... ... will need professionals to design programs that will be successful to develop all members of an organization to create stronger teams and have a huge return on investment. In conclusion, society has shifted to the point where teams work is the only way to accomplish a task successfully. Corporations have realized and started to embrace that fact. However, team building takes a lot of planning. In order for corporations to get the best return on investment for their teamwork they need to look to their meeting planner. Meeting planners plan spectacular programs that create the environment for high functioning teams to form. Between the networking events, and educational experiences, employees form close bonds that help create high functioning teams. Meeting planners will be essential in the future, and their job title will recognized more in the business world.

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