Medicine of a Person

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Author’s Name and Background The author John Cox has a very prestigious background and is known for his work in medicine. He was born in the United Kingdom. He is highly erudite and his the professor of mental health at the University of Gloucestershire. He earned his bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery in 1965. He is also obtained his bachelors of arts in animal physiology. He obtained his doctor of medicine in 1980 at oxford university. He has written of 90 scholarly papers, wrote 21 book chapters, and 10 books in the in the fields of Perinatal Mental Health, Transcultural Psychiatry, Training and Ethics. He is now working on co-editing a book on psychiatry and religion, Parenting and Mental Health and other papers in peer review journals within the field of evidence-based medicine. Statement of Author’s Central Purpose The author ultimately does a profound job in being multidimensional in its approach and coadunate the fundamentals of scientific basis of healthcare and make it more grounded in spiritual, religious, and ethical values. The medicine of a person is more of a philosophy or an quintessential approach which involves a person perception and attitude to entail that a person thinking has a significant influence on a person’s spiritual and psychosocial aspects of daily routine patient care that involves national health services. The author wants to bring together core sciences, faith, traditions, personhood that involves many faiths, spirituality, mental health issues, general practice issue, public health, home care for the elderly. The author does a compelling job in in using science and faith in approaching healthcare. It forces healthcare administrators to look beyond their narrow thinking. And other me... ... middle of paper ... ... the patient. Medicine of a person is humanistic and looks at the human experience and condition. The doctor seeks to morale and uphold professional altruism and the explanation and solace at times of treachery and suffering. Methodology and Sources The medicine of a person is a doctor being sophyrosyne and the notion that a professional relationship sprouts between the doctor and the patient and the doctor willingness in being whole-heartly connected in grasping the patients suffering from a faith and scientific dimension. This method or approach can be validated by Tournier’s ideology in which the author is inspired and believed that a robust relationship between the daughter and the patient bond by faith and science were core seeds of therapy and generated amelioration in many aspects such as healing of body, mind, and spirit. The person is salubrious.
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