Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Too often do Americans today turn to prescription pills as a cure-all for every ailment. From occasional headaches to chronic pain, people look for immediate results disregarding any possible side effects. Drugs which act as painkillers in the body may become very addictive and misuse can be fatal. While we should not shun western medicine, patients should be offered other types of treatment. I believe that those who are being treated with over the counter medication should be given the option of using marijuana.

The problems with prescription drugs consist of health risks, dependence, misuse, cost, and effectiveness. Constantly are there advertisements on television pitching a new drug whose side effects sound worse than the pain it is meant to solve. Unlike most addictions, people are told to take pills by an authoritative figure that can be trusted. Many of those who fall into this type of addiction have little history of drug use and fail to recognize their growing dependence. One pill a day turns into two; before they know it, their body now relies on that fix. Cost is another important issue when considering the value of having an option other than over the counter pills. While many struggle to pay for the drugs they depend on, there may be a much cheaper alternative. Lastly, the success of drugs is not the same for every individual. Drug A may work miracles for some yet be a curse for others. I believe many of these issues could be resolved with marijuana.

While studies are limited due to its legality, enough has been established to make a valid claim for its medicinal properties. Marijuana can be used to treat “pain, muscle spasms and tremors, seizures, nausea, vomiting, appetite stimulation, insomnia, migraine headaches, depression, and glaucoma, among other things.”(Ardpark) States such as California have begun to recognize on a small scale however there needs to be a nationwide push. Despite government claims “marijuana is an addictive drug” (DEA), marijuana is not an addictive drug. It may be habit forming, but has nowhere near the addictiveness of drugs like OxyContin which are legal. I am not calling for a cannabis free-for-all and acknowledge the fact that, as with any drug, there would need to be regulations put in place. Expenses on medication would significantly decrease and without the hazards of pills, t...

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