Medical Value Of Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana Does marijuana have any medical value? The answer is yes. Researchers have proven that marijuana has an important medical value that can be a determinant factor in curing illness that are among the most fatal in America and the world. In fact, “earlier studies showed that patients used MM (Medical marijuana) to relieve symptoms of HIV/AIDS (woolridge et al, 2005) or cancer, and it is likely that the majority of patient in our sample who reported ‘nausea’ were cancer patients receiving chemotherapy”. Relieving symptoms is one of the positive effect of marijuana ingest or smoked. To pack up our point, other institution such as the Gale encyclopedia of medicine in their 2011 apparition states that “clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in relieving nausea and vomiting following chemotherapy treatment for cancer” however the medical value of marijuana doesn’t stopped at relieving symptoms it has more medical benefit that one may think for the simple reason that “cannabis has proven anticonvulsive action, and may be helpful in treating epilepsy”. Among the illness, “chronic pain also topped the list of maladies for which MM was used in another California clinical sample (Reiman 2007b)”. Fundamentally, after reviewing the significant importance of marijuana in medical treatment, we don’t understand why it is illegal and the drastic law that are taken to ensure its criminalization. However, it may be due to the other effect of marijuana on health that is not always positive. Marijuana health effects Based on scientific studies, the use of marijuana can have dangerous health consequences. In fact “in one study, it was estimated that marijuana users have a 4.8 fold increase in the risk of heart attack in th... ... middle of paper ... ...ent, states and local government as well according to “State and local government spent at least another $25billion dollars” adding to the previous 15 spent by the federal we have a total amount of $40billion dollars spent on the war on drugs every year by our government without counting the amount spent by nongovernmental organization. Let’s face the truth, with all this amount of money being spent every year and no result, the war on drug is a failure. It’s necessary for the government and citizens to think about another alternative for the marijuana problem; Legalization. It’s a great option that will of course have a lot of advantage unfortunately is compromised by different point of view and an unrest debate opposing argument of both supporters and opponents. Who are marijuana supporters and opponents of legalization? And what is their motivation?

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