Medical Tourism

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To reduce poverty and improve healthcare for citizens, Vietnam must create medical tourism businesses. It is estimated that approximately 7 million people seek for medical care overseas every year, thus Vietnam, where healthcare costs are up to 70 percent cheaper than in the U.S. and the U.K., is able to become a regional hub for health tourism that probably generates many potential opportunities to reduce poverty, accelerate the sustainable economic growth, enhance healthcare systems and tackle environmental concerns (All Medical Tourism, n.d.; The Economic Times, 2013). As an example to indicate lucrative profits from medical outsourcing, statistics in 2012 showed that medical tourism generated 3 billion dollars in Singapore and 2.4 billion dollars in India (Global Healthcare Connections INC, n.d.; Lal, 2010). Additionally, the profitability from the medical tourism industry could also contribute to strengthening the quality of healthcare equipment and facilities to treat both domestic and foreign patients effectively and efficiently, as well as disposing hazardous medical waste which poses significant negative impacts on the environment such as groundwater contamination or air pollution (Campbell, n.d.). The Vietnam medical tourism market can create many opportunities to stimulate economic progress and alleviate poverty. With the fact of almost 40 million dollars worldwide is made from businesses associated with health tourism every year, Vietnam could also make a huge profit from the medical tourism industry through selling healthcare insurance cards and providing healthcare services for medical tourists (The Economic Times, 2013). For instance, through the permission of the Affordable Care Act, almost 50 million Americans, w... ... middle of paper ... Stuligross, J. (n.d.). The Affordable Healthcare Act: Reducing Waste, Improving Efficiency, Reducing Costs. Healthcare: A shared cost, 3. Retrieved from: The Economic Times. (2013). International medical tourism industry pegged at $40 billion a year. Retrieved from: Wasteindustries. (n.d.). Medical waste disposal method. Retrieved from: World Health Organization. (2008). Workshop on Health Care Waste Management: Planning and Implementation. Global envirnment facility (GED) project, 5-6. Retrieved from:

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