Medical Technology And Ethical Issues By William E Thompson And Hickey

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RIP Machine essay
Technology is changing every day in our lives. From leapfrog technology to help us become better as we start to learn as little kids to saving lives and predicting rate of survival. Technology changes rapidly to help us and make everyone's life better. Our life may become easier thanks to technology, but what about all of the malfunctions or inaccurate information technology may bring us. Starting at the rate of survival, following the age of the patient, ending it with the reliability of the technology. Will all of this be right to prolong life just by using a machine. From the story “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” by William E Thompson and Joseph V Hickey. I’ll discuss why I think we should not prolong life with medical technology machines like the RIP Machine
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“Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” by Thompson and Hickey discusses the RIP machine, which determines the survival rate of a patient. The RIP machine may suggest certain treatments for a patient that has a ninety-five percent rate of survival, but how many of those treatments will help that patient to live better or to even just extend their lifespan for years. In “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” supporters of the new technology say that the machine basically gives out data for the medical staff to make a decision. While others believe that doctors should not trust getting information off of the computers to save the lives of
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