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Medical Sonographers Do diagnostic Medical Sonographers actually help begin a new life? Yes, according to researchers they do help patients indicate any problems that there may be and what may be expected. This essay will talk about Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and everything it takes to become one and how to become successful as well as why they are important to our global community. Sonographer’s are also known as ultrasound Technicians, they are very important in the medical field because they help patients and physicians diagnose and treat diseases as well as other medical information. The following paragraphs will talk about the information of the Salary and also the Job Responsibilities. With the technicians continuously providing…show more content…
The article shows the job entail which says “to be involved with the interventional procedures” (Baltimore sun). This means to scan almost every part of the body except for the vascular system, health and or limited pediatrics. Depending on what the patient would be coming in for determines what kind of procedures the patient would need. According to the article “sonographers operate special imaging equipment to create images or to conduct tests” (Baltimore Sun). Meaning the images and test results help physicians assess and diagnose medical conditions. In also helping assist physicians and surgeons during surgical procedures. As a result, the job responsibilities for this career must be taken seriously. Technique is another key factor that will be needed in order to help others. Not many problems can occur with the patient’s appointment or health, if the technician knows how to do the job correctly. This would conclude all the necessities in order to be very successful and main points of view for a Diagnostic Medical…show more content…
According to the article the overview for a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer “meeting criteria, obtain all necessary documents” (St. Phillips College). As well as understanding the procedures to be followed for admission. This states all applications must meet and/or complete all the course requirements prior to submitting all applications beforehand. It gives more attention to the applicant for completing all needs to become a good outlook for the job. The article also states “sonographers have the following accreditation as the Texas Board of higher education as well as the southern association for colleges and schools” (St. Phillip’s College). In other words, the education for a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer involves many requirements. To become a sonographer, duties such as reviewing a patient’s medical history and all clinical data is required to ensure the safety of patients. Other requirements would also involve recording and processing a sonographic image as well to make sure the patient is indeed in good hands. This concludes that the information shows how to be successful in this also job path, and also how to build a great career in healthcare which require volunteering as

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