Medical Saints: Cosmas and Damian in a Postmodern World

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The relationship of science and spirituality can be a debate that many people have conceptualized. Jacalyn Duffin’s uses her historian and physician background to lead her to an important exploration of medical saints who spark miracles in the postmodern world that contribute to her three main observations. Duffin studies why physicians ignore miracles and prayer, why are miracles mostly about illness, and Comas and Damian in Toronto. Her personal scholarly experiences along with her first-hand observation with miraculous cure influence her work and accomplishments with “Medical Saints: Cosmas and Damian in a Postmodern World”. The book leaves the reader with a idea and understanding of the concepts Duffin studies to further develop the authority so more contributions can be made for this field. This book will give the reader an idea of these medical saints and how it is significant in the postmodern world today.

The title itself suggests that Duffin will be writing about the medical field along with the spirituality that accompanies the two medical saints Cosmas and Damian in the postmodern world. One can suggest by reading the title that she will try and make sense of the saint’s role in the medical field today. From there the reader can guess that it will be a book about Duffin’s research in the field and how it is significant to the world one lives in today. Medical Saints opens with a prologue of Duffin’s experiences in writing the book and why she did so. She suggests that the work leading up to the publishing of Medical Saints took many years to do because all the information she accumulated she did not know what the best way of presenting it was. Her background as a physician and a historian merged with this study and b...

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...row, Vatican achieves, and talking to pilgrims contributes to the ideas and gives it scholarly authority.

Medical Saints is a book backed up with experience, knowledge, and spiritual and scientific concepts. Duffin’s development of plot with her studies helps the reader conceptualize her stressed importance on Saints Cosmas and Damian and their relationship with medical miracles. By looking at the author’s experiences, her research, and her concepts, one can see that it is accurate information that can help the world we live in today. Duffin inspires the health care system and forms of spirituality to bridge the gap between them and understand that they coexist.

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