Medical Malpractice Litigation Issues: Is There A Solution?

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Medical Malpractice Litigation Issues: Is There A Solution? Healthcare law is constantly growing daily now more than ever before. We are seeing an increase in health policies with the Affordable Care Act, which in turn are calling for a great number of health lawyers to support, dictate, enforce, and control this new legislation. The rate that this is unfolding is exponential and is truly a growing aspect of our society today. Personally, this is my main interest and the opportunity and growth for law in the healthcare system is what drives me daily to keep me interested in all the new happenings and emerging issues. For this paper, I wanted to truly find something that greatly interested me in the area of Health Law, so when deciding what to consider as my topic, there was no better place than to search the American Bar Association Health Law Section. Under this area, I found many emerging issues in relation to Health Law, and one that specifically stood out to me, one that perhaps might be something I may actually have to deal with one day as a future health lawyer in particular, was the issue of presenting complex medical information to judges and juries and how this is causing a strain on many litigation issues- medical malpractice in particular. In this paper, I will touch of the complexity of medical information when conveyed in a court of law and the issues this brings to both the plaintiff and defendant parties in the given case. I will also touch on why I believe this is such an important matter we must be focusing more time and effort on and give my personal opinions on suggestions that could perhaps better this increasing and emerging issue to the health law system in America. Litigation in healthcare involves ... ... middle of paper ... ...e should aim to do this with the initiative to lower malpractice insurance, strengthen the large gaps in our healthcare litigation system, and better the quality of the health of our nation- all with the help of the legal system! Reference Page American Medical Association. Medical liability reform. Available at: Accessed May 1st, 2014. Hyman, D. (2013, July 20). Malpractice litigation in U.S health care reform. The Washington Post. Jena, A. B. On Average, Physicians Spend Nearly 11 Percent Of Their 40-Year Careers With An Open, Unresolved Malpractice Claim. Health Affairs, 111-119. Studdert, D. M. Beyond Negligence: Avoidability And Medical Injury Compensation. Social Science & Medicine, 387-402. Struve, C. T. Improving The Medical Malpractice Litigation Process. Health Affairs, 33-41
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