Medical Information Systems Case Study

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According to Shi & Singh, (2015) medical information systems have been available since the 1950s. The proficiencies of the IT system has lead health care organization (HCO) to change and restructure their operational systems. The development and progression of new IT software is a multi dimensional system, which incorporates the electronic health records (EHR). The electronic health records (EMRs), is clinical communication system that is used to safeguard the patients’ medical history while building effective measure toward improving the delivery of quality care. I would like to know exactly how the electronic medical records (EMRs) system would improve the quality and delivery of health care service. I believe the questions we have about…show more content…
However, according to a survey that was conducted by the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care, which reported an increase in the EMRs implementation by hospital emergency departments (ED) of nearly 35% and outpatient department (OPDs) of about 48%. The time span of this study was from 2006 – 2011, 5years. The study found that the percentage rate of EMR adoption to be significant. The fact of the matter is there are a great number of hospitals that have acquired new IT systems, regardless of the cost. In fact, the same survey found that in 2011 the hospitals both plan to participate in the incentive payment program, which would require both facilities, to use the (EMR) system (Jamoom H. , 2015). For example, the hospital would need to record via the computer the patients office visit, which would include the basics, such as, the patient demographic information. Thus, by using the EMR system physicians the can coordinate the patient care electronically. In other words, computer is designed to eliminate the paper charts and improve quality and performance by creating data…show more content…
In another survey, by Hsiao & Hing (2014), it shows that in 2010 there was an 84 percent increase in the way physician prescribed their patients medication. In this instance, the belief is that this service will produce an effective service for the patient in meeting their medication needs. Therefore, the process of connecting with medical service providers, such as, the pharmacy the patient will have access to timely medication treatments thereby eliminating barriers. Furthermore, The process of sending prescriptions electronically makes connection via the computer networking systems from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy databases more convenient. The writers supports that the data coordination between the doctors office and the pharmacy is efficacious and useful in getting the patient the right medication. In addition, the writer point out the coordinating factor helps eliminate the paper footprint of written prescription and promotes resource efficiency. According to Hsiao & Hing (2014), this process will prevents duplicate orders of the medication being dispensed. The writer document further that the EMRs process is designed to point out the drug allergies that the patient has to certain medications. In my opinion, it is safe to say that because of the efficiency that technology offers physicians have the ability to better manage the patient’s health care
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