Medical Field Case Study

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In my opinion, entering medical field changes the whole environment around you because now she or he needs to think from doctor’s perspective and not the patient’s perspective. I am so used to playing the role of a patient and now that has to be changed. Gaining experience in dealing with patients is the key role for success in medical field. Also setting the right mentality and being positive/ headstrong plays off a major role because I have seen my uncles and aunts being so strong as doctors and they always give me useful tips. Every case is different and dealing with each case requires a different approach and to prepare myself for that I need to start referring to cases and read a lot of books written by doctor about their experience. Gaining a medical degree is one of the toughest job, but after that comes the real issue of dealing with the patient. I have always wanted to be a doctor and it’s something that I have been exposed to a lot during my years in high school. I have volunteered at a rehab center where I got to experience how the paperwork and receiving…show more content…
You’ll never know what to expect from a patient. In some cases I need to be able to take the best, fast reaction possible. Diagnosing a patient is a risky job because there is no room for errors. In my opinion reading or referring to cases during med school should help me overcome the nervousness, when I deal with my first case. What I learn in medical school is different from actually putting that experience towards my clinical rotations. Shadowing a physician is something I might do during my years in med school because it will help me gain clinical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is important too but clinical knowledge helps in the long run. Not every patient will have the same issue so the previous clinical knowledge will aid in diagnosing. So diagnosing my first case is something that I really look forward

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