Medical Experiments

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“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” as noted in Genesis 6:5. Since the earliest moments of time, evil has existed. From the serpent in the Garden of Eden and the persecution of Christ to political leaders of various countries, man has exhibited evil tendencies. In the mid-1930s, one malicious leader, Adolph Hitler, became dictator of Germany. His methods of control left a mark on the world that helped trigger the start of World War II. While he was in power, one of the darkest periods in history, the Holocaust, showed exactly what lengths this persona of evil would require so that his people would attain supreme domination. When one hears the term “Holocaust,” a negative connotation instantly emerges in the mind. History reveals this period as the time the Jews were persecuted based on one man’s hatred for a certain human race. Hitler’s influence on his country shaped the minds of the Germans who then believed this ruler’s methodologies and became members of the Nazi Party. This group conducted medical experiments on people in concentration camps without their approval (Nazi Medical Experiments). Over 7,000 victims of these experimentations are documented. 70 medical research projects occurred in concentration camps within this time, and the projects were classified into three categories: research, testing, and validation of Nazi beliefs (Medical Experiments). Three cruel and painful trials consisted of freezing the subjects, sterilization, and sulfanilamide for the treatment of wounds. One specific testing trial, freezing experiments, was conducted in Dachau concentration camps. A purpose of this research was to find t... ... middle of paper ... ...trial/indictment/count-two#E>. "Freezing Experiments." 2014. Jewish Virtual Library. 16 March 2014 . "Medical Experiments." 2014. United States Holocaust Memorial Library. 16 March 2014 . "Nazi Medical Experiments." 2014. United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum. 18 March 2014 . Spitz, Vivien. Doctors from Hell. Boulder: Sentient Publications, 2005. "Sterilization Experiments." 2014. Jewish Virtual Library. 16 March 2014 . "Sulfanilamide Experiments." 2014. Jewish Virtual Library. 16 March 2014 .
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