Media´s Negative Influence on Today´s Youth

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Have you ever watched a movie and later caught yourself daydreaming about the actors' lives? Ever finished a movie then found yourself imitating the way the heroin talks, wears or walks? Do you not ever stop and wonder how much your views and attitude have been influenced by the media and what you're constantly exposed to? The media has an enormous influence over the lives of men, women, and teenagers. Today, individuals get affected by how people dress, talk, behave, and think trying to become another version of them. Media doesn't only have a positive effect on us, but it can also impact us negatively. Nowadays, the media is widespread in society in different forms (television, books, films, internet etc.), and its effects on individuals is quite noticeable mainly in youths' physical and verbal aggression through violent and emotional behavior. This is a result of the current presented means of entertainment. People are now constantly watching TV series and video clips and later start taking the actors, singers and even TV presenters as role models and dressing like them in attempt to stand out and be up to date. Not only do they dress like their role models, but they blindly believe in their opinions no matter how biased and incorrect they are. The media is currently making our decisions for us, such as deciding our own personal preferences. Media is affecting teenagers greatly because it displays abundance of violence, and inappropriate scenes as well as unhealthy living conditions, making teenagers believe that such behaviors are acceptable in our society. Mass media has become a major negative influence in the society, especially on the younger generation's attitude, beliefs, and values.  Nowadays, the first thing that ... ... middle of paper ... ...ns using drugs and alcohol and engaging in violent behaviors.  The mass media has a huge impact and role in shaping the opinions and positions of everyone particularly the younger generation. Media have been taking over our lives as we try to wear, act, behave, and even make our opinions based on the celebrities we love. Mass media has lots of hurtful influence such as young people imitating their role models blindly by even trying to look like them causing nowadays lots of teenagers having eating disorder. Another enormous effect of media is having no certain opinion about what is truly happening as you believe whatever you hear and not make sure if it’s what actually happening. I do believe that People must be alert to minimize these negative influences by being responsible towards oneself and other people especially the youth who are easy targets by the media.
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