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Media could be used as the advertisement, entertainment, publicity, and many another way; media is something similar, or the same to social communication. However, in the millions of media’s concept, the concept related to new media attracted most of my attention. New media came into prominence in the mid-1990s (Mass Communication in Canada/P.16) and it contains some disadvantage and advantage; and the basic concept of the new media was quite different from the traditional mass media, one of the most important concepts in media study. New media was a new concept of media which mainly focus on the electronic devices. It used technology all the way from beginning to the end. The most common new media that we could see were blogs, television, or website, the social media; it more comprised new media (Mass communication in Canada/P.16). Therefore, new media won more audience and became a kind of common sense in this world; but there were some disadvantages and one of the biggest disadvantages was the divulging of personal information. Because that the traditional mass media didn’t use any electronic devices, therefore, there was less problem about the privacy. In the law textbook, Current Issues of Business and law, the author also mention the privacy problem of traditional media and new media. “Newspaper websites must often balance privacy with freedom of speech, research the readership, and market readers to others with less problem of invasion of privacy”(Current Issues of Business and Law/P.27), as the author said, mass media didn’t contain a huge problem about breach of privacy. Oppositely, New media mainly use the internet and in that case, the article publisher or the owner would get some problem privacy and information contr... ... middle of paper ... ... new media study. Major in media study, the student only needs to go through the basic concept of media and the theories; however, major in new media study, the student would also need to study some electronic techniques, for example, the java system. Therefore, new media would not need to study as much of theories as media study; other than that, there wasn’t a huge difference between media and new media study. What was the most important concept in media study? People would have a different opinion on this question; however, in this era, new media is something unavoidable, therefore, new media was one of the most important concepts in media study. New media brought some disadvantage and advantage to media study, but it didn’t change the reason of why media exist. Although new media was quite having different basic with media study, it still tells audiences message.

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