Media 's Impact On The Media

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Media is everywhere. I have come to realize that it encompasses everyday life and no one gives a second thought to the influence it may have on the public. I feel as though a large percentage of people – including myself before this class – do not realize the impact the media can have on one’s perspective. It is helpful to be able to critically analyze the way stories are presented by the media and this class has given me the necessary tools to do so. I was intrigued by the readings as they gave me information I was lacking into the reasoning behind the way the media presents issues as it does. Because of this, I feel that if people were aware of the stigma in the media their views may be less swayed by it. Before this class, songs were just songs and news was only news. Now I see how lyrics in a song and word choice in a news cast can be detrimental to the opinion of the public regarding the mental health community. While the public’s opinion is being molded to fit what the media portrays, the mentally ill are also affected in that the stigma resulting from these portrayals decreases the number of people willing to seek help. Therefore, if the media represented the mentally ill in a balanced manner it would likely reduce the amount of stigma placed upon that particular set of individuals. There has always been an understanding that the rich and famous were an extremely large influence on people. However, I was surprised to learn that media in general could have the same effect on people who suffer from mental illness. This is a heartbreaking thought because the mental health community is suffering at the hands of the media. People label those with mental illness as weak because all most people know about the mentally ill is wha... ... middle of paper ... ...ight direction to help the public better understand the needs of those who live with mental illness. Mental illness is not something that needs to be shunned or stigmatized. It is real and it deserves to be understood and accepted. If the media continues to represent this community in the same negative way that it is doing now, there will be no change in the way the public views people who suffer from mental health related issues. The public needs to realize that the media does not accurately report about this subject. People advocate for mental health, but that needs to be greatly increased in order to see a change in the media. The stigma produced by the media is undeserved by the mental health community. Media industries have an obligation to accurately present information of mental health and to decrease the negative bias so that acceptance can be achieved.

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