Media and the War of Deviance

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So much of what our younger generation learns, and tries to imitate today is what they see in the media. Whether it be on The News, The Disney Channel, and especially the channels intended for a more mature audience, there is some form of deviance exhibited. Media includes mild forms of deviance, as well as the most extreme forms of deviance, which moves into the category of crime. The shows observed for this material exhibit the most extreme forms of deviance, and are intended for a mature audience. However in this day and age our youth is growing up faster, and in turn are not limited to the access of age appropriate material. With the media playing such a significant role in the socialization of our youth, as seasoned adults it is crucial that we translate what is seen in the media in a way that teaches future generations right from wrong. For the data I chose to watch three very different shows that air on regular, and premium television networks. The three shows I chose for my data are the hit series Sons of Anarchy that airs on Fx, which is a regular network channel. Game of Thrones, and Dexter, which are both aired on premium network channels. All of which contain extreme graphic content, and portray the most extreme forms of deviance, meant for the most mature of audiences. The cast of Sons of Anarchy is made up of Jackson Teller, the president of a motorcycle club called Samcro, and his wife Tara Knowles. Gemma Teller is Jax’s mother, and her husband Clay Morrow. Along with these main characters there is a host of primary characters that make up the motorcycle club, as well as the people outside of the group. This includes the members of law enforcement, friends, and enemies. Dexter Morgan is the main character in the ... ... middle of paper ... ...e victoria secret models we see so much of. Every young man wants to grow up strong, and intimidating like the bad boys, or officers of the law that are portrayed on tv. Over the past few decades television has changed drastically, and is going to continue to change. Television has become more provocative than ever before, and will continue to do so. For the sake of the future of our society it is imperative that social institutions stress the importance of morals, beliefs, and the norms of our society. Families will play the largest part in this enforcement, because these are the most significant relationships children growing up will have. This will be a forever ongoing battle in the upbringing of future generations, and with the right influence from family and social institutions, society can continue to raise upstanding individuals who help our society to thrive.
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