Media Violence on Adult Population

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The media have played an important role in the society during the past half of the century. Our lives basically revolve around the media and it provides us with information and entertainment (Signorielli, 2005). The media have always been so widespread that only a few could avoid the influence. Even though violence has always been a part of human nature and in our society, never have the older generations been exposed to as much violence in the media as today’s generation. Violence can be easily found in any media.
Rise of the media & The Racial Riots
Back then during the mid of 1930s, it was the golden era for comic books and during that time, comic books had a totally different storyline. Tales relating to crime, burlesque, adventure and superheroes were such a big hit back then and because of that, comic books are seen as a negative influence. This is because in most of these tales, elements of violence can be found and violence has always been portrayed as the only method to solving problems. For instance, in most superhero comic books, the villains are always badly beaten up by the superhero to keep the world in peace. Besides that, during the mid 1930s, radios was very popular and majority of the household owns a radio. Shows that were played on the radio during that time taught elements of crime and it was said to negatively affect the people. Slowly till 1940s, it became the television era. However, only by the end of the decade, when television price became cheaper and when more choices of television programs were available for viewing, television became a big hit. Eventually, many people started tuning in to television to catch different dramas and among all, crime shows were one of the more popular on...

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... they may end up to be aggressive young adults.
Violence is everywhere in the media that it is impossible to escape from it and because audiences can’t escape from it, we should be as concerned of the effects that it will bring upon the adults population as observers were back in 1930s. The rise of the media that was supposedly to benefit the people, has caused the society to become a violent society because of all the violences that are shown in the media. Everyday when a person watches the television, just like the hypodermic needle theory, messages containing violence is injected to the person’s brain unknowingly and he or she will somehow be affected by it. Also, with the constant exposure of violence, our society will eventually become a society that is immune to violence and the younger generations will be living in a violent society in the future.
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