Media Violence: Impacts Of Media And Family Violence

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Media and Family Violence The media and family violence impact in a negative form the life of children in their childhood because children do not have the enough capacity to differentiate between what is right or wrong around them. Violence is wrong because children’s brains are development day by day, but violence is what grabs more children’s attention. Children are exposed to violence inside their homes or when they watch some kind of programs, games or hear music that contain different kinds of violence or talk about it.
Any kind of media influences children in their behavior because they imitate what they watch or hear. For example, children consider guns as a normal toy and find any material to build one including their own fingers.
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Child abuse is when adults exert physical violence against their own children. Children receive hitting in their body because their parents do not know how to control their anger. Parents are seeing a minimum error of their children to start hitting them. Children are innocent that they do not understand why their parents hit them sometimes without any reason. Parents sometimes blame their children their own problems and justify their actions. Parents use different kinds of object to hit such as belts, sticks, or anything they reach with their hands at the moment when their children make a mistake and hit in any part of children’s body without thinking to the consequence of their…show more content…
Parents do not know how to justify these injuries that their children have, and it is a sign that children are abused. These are injuries that we can see, but there is another abuse that does not leave marks, and it is the psychological abuse, and it is when parents say bad words or screams too much to their children because children do not obey what their parents says. This abuse affects children in their self-esteem, and the way children communicate with people. Children lose the interest in playing, in the lesson, and also they do not want to eat. The psychological abuse is difficult to see by people, only is visible if children change their behavior or activities. In the most extreme cases, parents killed their children because they do not stop hitting their children until some minutes later, or when they see that their children do not show a sign of life. In other cases, parents use much force to push their children that children hit their head on the ground, and then it causes their
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