Media Sectors In The Media Sector

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BRIEF EXPLINATION OF FIELD OF STUDY: The field of study which I aspire to pursue a career in is in the media industry. Media refers to a means of communication were news, entertainment and education is broadcasted. Media has to deal with every broadcasting method there is, such as magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and through the internet. ( PURPOSE AND KEY FUNCTIONS THAT MEDIA FULFILS IN THE ECONOMIC SECTOR: PURPOSE OF MEDIA: The main intention/purpose of media is that when they create their media messages, they want something to be bought by you as the consumer. Media is always trying to persuade you into purchasing something. The most successful way that media gets you to purchase either a product or service is by means of advertising. Companies use media as means to create adverts to lure you into buying their products or services. You as the customer will always at the end of the day exchange your money in exchange for their good. ( KEY FUNCTIONS OF MEDIA:  To Inform – Mass media such as newspapers, radio and...

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