Media Relations Case Study

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Strengthen and streamline the firm’s public relations and communications functions (including survey responses) and the content development plan for website content and thought leadership that aligns with firm strategy.

With my background in journalism and media relations, communications is my strongest skill. I have a long and strong track record of successfully developing and executing effective communications strategies across the entire spectrum of internal and external audiences, including clients, business and legal media, and the community in general. I have substantial media relations experience in proactive, reactive, and crisis situations, and I have two-plus decades of
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In my tenure at Shook, the firm was recognized for three consecutive periods in The American Lawyer’s highly competitive “Litigation Department of the Year” contest (two-time winner and once finalist in the Product Liability category). I have a keen understanding of the internal processes that need to be in place to ensure that information shared by the firm in these situations is carefully considered in the context of clients, and that proper steps are taken to ensure that any external communication around this potentially highly sensitive information is always thoroughly vetted. Under my direction, my teams have kept a careful eye on deadlines for numerous such submissions throughout any given year and have created response plans and project timelines that clearly define how information will be gathered and presented, always allowing as much time as possible for stakeholders to carefully review all such
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