Media Reflection

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Media is a reflection of self Does media control us? Is the majority of the population “sheeple” or do we have more influence on the media than we think. I believe that we have heavy influence on the media through our purchases or lack of purchases. This extends even to politics which are in a sense enslaved by both appeasing their constituents and voters as well as playing nice with all the corporations that funded their campaign so where does medias vulgar behavior stem from. Has media gone rogue and slipped deep into destroying society though controversial, sexual, and vulgar imagery or are we witnessing a reflection of mankind’s darkest thoughts and actions. Throughout history humans have had very dark moments that make our media and political corruption look tame, thus I believe when you give a society the capacity to have their voices echoed louder than ever in history and remove their fear of persecution for their words and most of their actions you get an unadulterated insight to society 's darkest thoughts. Media is a reflection of humans and their nature. We influence media through decisions to consume it. Positive responses to media generally will have the result similar media. Negative response,…show more content…
Kids at their early stages should not be exposed to the harness of reality too early, they are not mature enough to discern what is wrong and right. They dont have the wisdom and maturity that an adult does. But I disagree with the solution to this. I believe it is up to parents to enforce this not for the world to censor itself, as this is a foolish pursuit, because a parent can 't do their job. Parents must screen what they expose their kids to, movies, internet, music and curfew. Cell phones can be a form of social media and a direct line to other forms of media via the internet and in the developmental stages I think media can be too much for a growing mind to deal
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