Media Portrayal Of Islam And The Middle East And Its Negative Consequences On Muslims

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Post- 9/11 Media Portrayal of Islam and the Middle East and its negative consequences on Muslims in the Western World Increasingly, I find that the media has begun to label religions as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and their basis for these judgments is highly flawed. More often than not, Islam is at negative end these labels, but why is that? Is it because under the garb of religion, brainwashed terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed them into buildings? If so, then the media need so to rethink their content generation skills and focus on issues that actually deserve importance, such as global hunger, sanitation and health. The post 9/11 media portrayal of Islam and it’s followers is highly problematic as it falsely generalizes all Muslims to be gun wielding extremists that are plotting attacks against the Western world. It is these ideologies that have dictated and destroyed the lives of countless North American Muslims. It has affected them economically, socially, and even mentally. Muslims watching the news coverage of these attacks were as distraught as the rest of the world while they watched the World Trade Centre get engulfed by jet-fuelled flames. My main argument in this essay will be to depict how the lives of Muslims, especially the ones residing in North America, have changed due to the biased reporting seen in the media today. Islam is one of the most widely followed religions in the world with over one billion followers who adhere to the Five Pillars: Shahadah-declaration of faith in one god and accepting the Prophet as Allah’s messenger, Salat- praying five times in a day at intervals dictated by the position of the sun, Zakat- giving away of alms to the needy not as an option, but as duty, Sawm- ritual fasting during t... ... middle of paper ... ...atter and #ChapelHillShooting , which combined is not even 10% of the support of the movement for the Paris shootings. This is not to take away from the magnitude of events, but the fact that the mere mention of the word Islam or Muslim is enough to divert media attention away from other events. I grew up watching and thoroughly enjoying Disney’s Aladdin, but after watching Sut Jhally’s documentary Reel Bad Arabs, I was in complete dismay when the lyrics of the introductory music were revealed. Some lines in the music are as follows- “Where they cut off your ear if they don 't like your face. It 's barbaric, but hey, it 's home”. These references to the ‘barbaric’ Middle East are overlooked, but in reality, the slightest of such remarks that can pave the way for young and impressionable minds to adopt this attitude of invisible racism towards the Middle East. ‘

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