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Influence means the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself ”( The media is influencing people of many different things, but the question is, does the media affect people in a negative or positive way? As of today a little over 3.8 billion people are exposed to the internet. All of those people can be negatively affected by the media, but in 2020 it is predicted that there is going to be about 20.8 billion devices connected to the internet. On average there are about 9.9 connected devices per household, that is about two billion eighty million people that will soon be online. Every single one of those people can be negatively influenced by the media.…show more content…
Gender stereotypes are all around us and can be seen when a canadian youth says “I believe that the most harmful stereotype directed towards women and girls is the idea that we are weak and helpless. She explains that Girls in their early pre teen years are most vulnerable and when they are being told that they are less capable compared to males, and they begin to believe it. In addition, another way that the media affects people negatively is by influencing what is believed to be the “normal appearance” of people. Advertisements almost always use thin models, that make the audience think that “if you do not have this kind of body you are not normal, or you’re not pretty enough like the actor on television”. Finally, by looking throughout history the media has affected people negatively,the media affects people negatively, throughout the past. This includes things like Trump’s political riots, Quebec’s separatist movement, and many more. To conclude, the media influences these kinds of things to happen, a large group of people agrees with them, and it gains power therefore the media affects society…show more content…
This is particularly true when it comes to the idea of gender roles. The media affects society negatively when showing gender roles. Sexism has been around ever since man has existed, it is beginning to change over the centuries, but there is still sexism in our daily lives. One aspect of the media’s negative influence is seen in the Pink vs Blue colour labels. Firstly, there are sections of toy stores specifically for getting male and female toys. An example being the toy brand Nerf. There is Nerf for boys and Nerf Rebelle for girls. In commercials Nerf only uses male children playing with their blasters and their blasters almost always contain the colour blue. However, Nerf Rebelle only shows girls playing with their blasters in their advertisements. One of Nerf rebelle’s guns is a purse that can transform into a blaster, which is saying that girls are feminine so they must use purses. Nerf rebelle blasters are always pink and purple as the media is convincing kids that girls should like pink and purple while ,boys should like blue this is one of the ways that the media influences society negatively. Equally important another aspect of the media’s negative influence is seen in society with clothing choices. When someone goes out to buy some clothes there is always a side for men and one side for women. On the men’s side there are suits,dress pants, ties

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