Media Manipulation of the Masses

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The media’s manipulation of society is a real and scary issue that leads to many of the psychosocial, financial, and political issues that the American populace faces on a daily basis. The factual events skewed by subliminal manipulation of information has been blinding the American people from the realities of global and local events that the media has tried to twist and cover up for generations for their gain, for the benefit of businesses the affiliate with, or to make their personal belief on an issue stand out more than the truth.

Throughout history, advertising has been used to pressure the sub-conscious of people and cultures to make decisions, usually for the benefit of the advertiser. As a result, advertising was used on a mass scale. In ancient Europe, the shopkeepers of Greece and Rome used slaves or hired workers to be “criers”, people who stood on street corners and “cried” out praises about whatever the shopkeepers were selling. For one of the first times shopkeepers had found a way to tell potential customers about what they were selling without having to have the customers in their stores. Another form of ancient advertising was the use of written displays like pamphlets or posters to show what the shopkeepers were selling and where they were located. The peoples of almost all civilizations by Caesar’s time were using these pamphlets and posters because of the convenience of being able to leave it and move to more important matters like managing their store and selling their products.

With the mass distribution of newspapers and magazines in the 1900's, information began to spread at an incredible pace and media groups were able to reach an audience incredibly larger than their prior audience. A...

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...his is that the very foundations of this country are based on equality and the idea that no government or organization should have too much power. Since there are so few people who actually consider these deceptions and lies as real issues there is very little the American people can do. In the Author's opinion what needs to happen in order to make large companies, political organizations, media groups responsible and liable for what they say is that all the people of America need to come to realization that they are being deceived, manipulated, and told half truths.

If the American populace can come to the realization that the media’s manipulation of society is a real problem that leads to many psychosocial, financial, and political issues then these issues will undoubtedly begin to decrease and eventually fade to nothing, leaving America with bright future.
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