Media Manipulation And Their Own Interest And The Interest Of Their Employer

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Media manipulators and bloggers manipulate information to serve their own interest and the interest of their employer. The notion of information manipulation has been around throughout centuries and it has gradually evolved from newspaper to online blogging. The earliest form of information manipulation can be associated with William Randolph Hearst and his newspaper, New York Journal. Hearst’s New York Journal would unethically sensationalize stories during the Spanish- American War to not only generate profit but also, to generate readership that would surpass his opponent Joseph Pulitzer II. It was during this era that Hearst made his famous telegram, “ You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” The intent that Hearst had was that he was not interested in reporting credible news more so than making big headlines and manipulating news to sway the public’s opinion about the Spanish- American War. “Hearst also became very involved with the war itself, after much public swaying through the dramatized stories of his paper, he eventually pushed the President to sign a bill officially entering America into the war (Vance 1).” Hearst had his own agenda that needed to be secretively accomplished and the only way he could do this was by manipulating information by making the public see and read whatever he wanted them to, in the long run, Hearst manipulated foreign policy just to generate readership and to also generate profit with his sensational news coverage. Now, blogs have become the solid foundation for manipulators to manipulate by feeding bloggers inaccurate information and dishonest sources. Bloggers are easily manipulated because of the pressure they are faced with to produce content. “Bloggers are under incredibl... ... middle of paper ... ...profit. If the way information is received is changed to where there is no pressure on bloggers because their content is being paid for by readers who have subscribed to their blogs, then this will ultimately limit the amount of manipulation that is circulating on blog post online. If information is paid for then the interest of bloggers will be to serve the public with credible information instead of being driving by greed and the need to make a profit by manipulating information. This would limit the influences that manipulators have on bloggers because bloggers will take their time to verify every information that is being fed to them by manipulators to verify the credibility of it. To combat these manipulations, information has to be paid for, because free information leads up to manipulation and no one is held accountable for it because the information was free.

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