Media Makes Women More Insecure?

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Media Makes Women More Insecure?
Caution! Caution! Alarms are going off inside your head. You are in the shopping center, strolling around with your best friends and trying on clothes. All of a sudden, you gaze upward and see this Channing Tatum look-alike is in the aisle next to yours; he is looking at books. You hurry up and snatch your girlfriends and ask them if you look all right. You do not depend on their comments because they are friends and would not say something to hurt your feelings. You get your hand mirror out of your handbag and check to see whether your highlight and contour is still looking beautiful. You take a deep breath, and you look up. He takes a look at you out of the corner of his eyes. Your heart drops. HE LOOKED AT YOU! This kind of situation happens daily in the lives of young women who are always judging themselves by the way models on TV and in the movies look. Young women today should not look to media models to judge their own looks because the models are often made to look better than they really are, the commercial makes girls feel self conscious, and many people how use photoshop which makes people look better.
This is just a brief look into the complicated existence of a high school young lady. She is a typical young lady who is boy crazy, hangs out with her friends, likes to go shopping and watches a considerable amount of TV. Her ultimate objective in life is to look as good as possible. In fact, she would love to look similar to those young ladies in the Victoria Secret or Covergirl commercials on TV; these girls have perfect smiles and boys are always falling at their feet. But that is a problem: girls always compare themselves to other individuals. In “Exploring Adolescent Views of Body Ima...

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...o not realize it.
People generally think that they are less influenced by media images than others. This is called the third-person effect…. This means that people might understand that media images are unrealistic and negative, yet still be influenced by these images because they believe that others will use these images to judge them.(Wood 34)
All in all, what every girl wants is to be is the best version of herself. However, rather than being herself, she tries to be the ladies who are worshiped on the big screen. The only thing comparing oneself to others does is make one more self conscious about herself. One should find the positive things about her body and love herself. Ladies need to consider that these material things do not matter in the long run. All ladies need to acknowledge is that to be the best form of themselves, they need to simply be themselves.