Media Influences our Children

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Media Effect on Today’s Youth Media plays a strong hand in the development of a child in society. Youth are easily influenced and could think actions of unsavory morals are appropriate because it was in media. This is a major problem today as the news make reports of children intentionally committing crimes as big as murder. Children are experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an earlier age and there is even a show dedicated to teen moms on MTV. Of course, media is not the only force at fault here as peers and parents are just as much to blame as media. The media is full of violence, sex and the use of addictive substances, that affects youth negatively. Being a youth in today’s society is challenging. On a daily basis, many positive and negative influences are thrown at us; Without proper guidance, a child could have a tough time distinguishing between right and wrong when their are many outlets to affect their decisions. In my elementary school we had a mentor who would talk to the men in the school. Occasionally these talks involved not being influenced by what we see people in media doing. He always spoke of how being an athlete or a celebrity is a job that few can get in because many individuals always want a place. I used to wonder how my friends could be so influenced by an athlete’s actions to want to be just like them. I have witnessed how television and music can influence a mind in both positive and negative ways. That being said, a negative influence is more common among the minds of youth. Television is the biggest outlet for violence in society. Households that lack a television are few and far between. People have all imitated something they’ve seen as children. Acting like we can fly after watching a superman movi... ... middle of paper ... ...uence declining would, of course, involve parents limiting the different media uses, but not seen as a punishment as a way to have more quality time with family. All media are intertwined with society. Media can change and influence adult minds on certain decisions, even their outlook on different aspects of life. If adults fall prey to media influence, how can this generations youth fight against it? Media contains violence, sex, and substance abuse that make an impression on children and teens. If the youth continues its current path of sex, drugs and violence, our country will become dystopian society, where no one feels safe. Media can do its part and reduce the sex, drug, and violence that’s broadcasted, but the parents of the youth should spend more time without media to make sure their children understand what is fiction and what is acceptable in our society.
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