Media Influence on Black Children

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Media Influence on Black/African-American Children Abstract: An overview of how media in the decades since the 1950s had influenced the education of Black/African-Americann Students. Media in the decades since the 1950s has dramatically influenced the education of Black/African-American children. The media, which includes television, newspapers, magazines, radio, advertising and the internet, is a vital part of constantly creating and reinforcing stereotypes. Media affects and influences the nation and the world through many different ways. Mass media is a name given to organizations that communicate to our society. Mass media also shows us what kind of society we live within. Television is the biggest type of media simply because nearly everyone owns or has access to view a television. Within recent years television media has dramatically increased following the expansion of channels. This means that television now appeals to a wider audience. The Depression made listening the only amusement people could afford. Families used to gather around the radio to listen to dramas, light comedies, variety shows, live music, and other programs. Later, when television was making a breakthrough, the radio era started to decline. The 1950s television played a major part in the life of the family, it created a time for all family members to gather and have a common activity to share. Even in the early days there were criticisms of television and the impact it would have on children. The critics discussed the negative influence this media may have, they believed advertising of certain products could lead to negative activities, certain programs could have the tendency to incite violent or aggressive acts, and the negative portrayal ... ... middle of paper ... ...ation provides for a different type of education one that is overall positive. Television, books, and movies can take children to different parts of the world thereby exposing them to different occupations and cultures. In turn this has the potential to inspire them to go to college and create a better life. Growing up each individual is taught different values and morals. Those values and morals in return affect the daily decisions that we make. As we sit in front of the set, eating potato chips, gaining weight, and stare mindlessly at the set, we don't stop to think of all that we could be doing to change our world. If we take just a fraction of the time that we spend watching television each day and use that time to do something for someone else, image the type of world we would live in. We can value each others differences and make an impact on society.

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