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The public depends on news media outlets when it comes to presenting information on what goes on in their community and even the world especially when it is about the safety of the community. The news media also depends on the public specifically the viewer because the news can be reporting an on going crime and the viewer may recognize that incident and or person and they call in crime stoppers hotline to help out in that investigation. To all good things there are a plethora of bad things that follow suit. The media can be a great thing, but sometimes they would show or write about victims, victims that had just went through a terrible situation and a good amount of times the media tends to focus and even glamorize an unsettling situation. Although it is terrible at times on what the media presents, and it can be horrific, but we …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the public depends on news media outlets when it comes to presenting information on what goes on in their community and the world.
  • Opines that news outlets helped countless people around the world by reporting on natural disasters, and if it wasn't for these reporters, many people would not have donated or helped out these countries in anyway necessary.
  • Explains that a journalist's main duty is to report on what they feel is necessary and if some of the information that is shared is too much for some readers/viewers, so be it.
  • Explains that the internet is a medium of its own and people can post countless information, from blogs, pictures, and even videos. many people in these videos get arrested for their unlawful crime.
  • Explains the positive spin on all the activism that has happened around the country is that many police departments installed mini cameras on their vests to make sure the officers are performing their job efficiently and lawfully. the victims families are grateful towards the news media for showing these videos.
  • Opines that mass media is informative and helped save many lives, but there is a downside, countless of times the news have broken their own code of ethics to just make sells or move up in their positions.
  • Explains that the media loves to put fear in their audience especially when it comes to devastation and crime.
  • Opines that the media has many positives and many negatives when it comes to presenting their information, but they should not be restricted.

The Internet is a medium of its own; it is everywhere and can be accessed with almost any device that has a power button. People can post countless of information, from blogs, pictures and even videos. Thousands and thousands of videos have been posted online that news media outlets have used. One main reason why news medias show them in their outlets is because of the many people in the videos being brutally beaten, and even murdered. Once the news post these videos in their outlets, just an enormous amount of uproar happens and many times the aggressor in these videos get arrested for their unlawful crime. For example Lianna Gutz wrote a very powerful story on this exact situation, “Social activism in the digital age is changing the way police brutality is seen in the media… In the case of Ferguson, the police department could have covered up the shooting of Michael Brown had it not been for citizens protesting… Support through social media can put pressure on governments and police departments to be

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