Media Influence On Body Image

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Nowadays, media has influenced the public and society especially on body image. Body image can be described as a representation of how a person feels about and sees their body. People’s self image can be affected by their own perceptions and by the feedback from the person of those around them (McVey, Murphy & Harrison, 2008). A poor body image can causes many negative psychological and physical effects. Today, not only western culture, people from all over the word has an obsession with being skinny, look perfect and also wanted to look like their idols that they have been admired especially from the media. Public should be aware that the mass media does not only give bad effects to the body image such as influencing people to change their appearances and wasting money,…show more content…
According to Just Say Yes Organization (n.d), due to the influenced from the media on self image, based on a research by Duke University, stated that 40% of the girls have started diet at the age of 9 and 10-year-old. Another survey by Rader Program, based on a survey that have been conducted by People magazine stated that 80% of women have answered that they feel insecure by the imaged of women on television and in the movies. Rader Program also stated that seven out of ten women felt more depressed and exasperated than previous when the view the images of female fashion models. These statement and research has clarify that media has influenced the people on body image in negative ways. One of the negative impacts of media on body image is mass media influenced people to change their appearances. Due to dissatisfaction and they are not happy with their body, people tend to alter and change their identity and themselves in order to achieve their perfect and ideal body image that is same as the person that they admire and seen
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