Media Influence In Mass Media

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In our everyday lives we are capable of making decisions based on our beliefs and ideas that we find to be the most appealing. We are selective in all aspects of our lives but more so when choosing which forms of mass media content we want to be exposed to. As American consumers we are exposed to endless amounts of information on a daily basis. However, only the most captivating pieces of content will gain our attention, which varies for each individual. For example if you were to pass a billboard advertisement on the highway, it would only gain one’s interest if it were relevant to their beliefs and preferences. This behavior is done by the general public is also seen in a political setting among our nation’s leaders. America’s elected leaders are elected to further their beliefs onto the public and we as a democratic nation are the one’s in control of that. These leaders can influence public attitudes and preferences through the choices they make. This type of choosing can be further explained through the theory of selective exposure, which is the behavioral act of preferring to be exposed to arguments and ideas based on one’s own positions and ideas. This theory also states that individuals will not agree with beliefs different from their own. Understanding this theory could help explain how people are more likely to absorb a piece of media with content relevant to their liking. Selective exposure is observed through a political frame as candidate’s seek support for their beliefs why trying to avoid being challenged. A political candidate’s beliefs can influence public attitudes and preferences as well. Some existing trends in selective exposure literature provide a better research of this theory’s effect on the mass media. A r...

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...y progressing. The focus of methodological questions in this study further guide the selective exposure theory by empirical and theoretical methods.
In conclusion, the selective exposure theory has shown a plethora of findings that will continue to expand for years. Prior research has shown this theory appear in a few current trends, course topics and political issues. The theory suggests that individuals will tend to agree with their own beliefs and ideas while rejecting any that oppose theirs. This theory has been compared to other alike it such as the hostile media phenomenon and online citizen journalism. With the correlations made, one could say that selective exposure could span over a wide range of political communication topics. Although research continues, the selective exposure theory will remain decision-based theory reliant on one’s own point of view.

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