Media Influence

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Media is a dynamic force, constantly changing approach and structure in order to keep up with the demands of society. Current society relies heavily on the contribution of the media to rely thoughts and feelings as well as accepted beliefs within our society. Media has evolved from the simplistic of the 14th century to the multi billion-dollar industry it is today, where technology has fostered this development. Media today is more influential and powerful then ever, it has the power to divide or unite individuals on a given topic that individuals engage in. Additionally, celebrities have become key feature and products of the. The ideal and definition of a celebrity has changed over decades to become a more powerful and influential figure. Media is undoubtedly an influential source in todays’ society. The technological savvy society is cause for greater focus to be placed on media as examples of acceptable conduct or attitudes, as well as an outlet for important current affairs in society. Traditionally, the development of media began in 15th century, which was established from the successful creation of the printing press, which enabled information to be distributed in society in writing. (Van Krieken 2013) This origin of the media was not an competitive or overly influential source, in its developmental years. Media was more of a informative source for world news such as deaths of influential or keynote figures as well as outbreaks of war, and issues surrounding these international and national level of conflict (Van Krieken 2013). Thereby, it was not until mid 17th and 18th century, that media in particular, newspaper found it’s context in society and thus once established was able to branch out knowing it had stable roots... ... middle of paper ... ...and their trust within them to use products they use or trust. This thereby forges a relationship between celebrity and fan mediated by the media. Thereby, this has changed the historical point of view from keynote and influential figures making significant contributions achieving fame to nowadays fame is not always directly related with achievement (Turner 2013) and thus may be just “know for being know” becoming a product of the media an pop culture who sell us the idea of a celebrity. To conclude, media and pop culture and both social structures in which are subject to change over time in accordance to the society. Celebrities have become keynote figures within society in which definitions have evolved over time. As well as media who structure has change to be more of a practice as well as the forms and influence of technology has fostered medias change.
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